25 Jan 2020

7 reasons to study abroad


Studying abroad allow you to be more independent. Sure, you will still have school, you will still belong to a family, you will still have responsibilities, but Studying abroad is a life-changing and rewarding experience. By making the decision to pursue a degree in a foreign country, you’re making a big investment in yourself and your future. The benefits of studying abroad are numerous and varied in nature. You’ll get to experience a whole different side of the world, new cultures, learn a new language, meet new people, and so much more!


LEARNING MORE ABOUT YOURSELF – Studying abroad can help you learn more or discover more about yourself like being self-independence, helping you identify your passions and interest; figuring out who you are and what you want to do with your life can be difficult at some point in life, take for instance, if you are in senior high school, it could even be more difficult as you try to determine what to do with your life after high school. Studying abroad grant you an opportunity to discover explore new and exciting interest, passion and potential career for yourself.


EXPERIENCE NEW CULTURE – Studying abroad can expose you to new ideas just like living in a new country will allow you to experience a completely different way of living. You can try exotic foods, listen to music you’ve never heard before, and learn about traditions specific to different countries, speak a new language, get to know there traditions e.t.c. The things you learn will stick with you through life, ensuring you’re a much more knowledgeable and open person than you were at the start of the year.


EXERCISE LANGUAGE SKILLS- Have you ever pictured yourself speaking German during a business meeting? Talking to your patient in German in a hospital? Translating from German to English in your position at a German embassy? No matter what career field you are looking to work in, having a second language may give you can added skill needed to excel. Learning a foreign language can make you different from your peers in today’s competitive and globalized labour market.


BE CHALLENGED – Studying abroad is fun and challenging! So many of us learn and grow in the best of ways through challenges. When you spend part of high school studying abroad, you have the opportunity to grow and expand through challenges.  Challenges make you better equipped to handle life in a reasonable way. It shapes you to be a better person and helps you to live a life of independence.


PRACTICE INDEPENDENCE- Studying abroad in high school will allow you to experience independence in a new and exciting way! One of the wonderful things about you will be on your own and away from your family of origin.


For a Nigerian  student it may be difficult to manage the entire cooking, cleaning, washing etc. in the beginning unless accustomed to do these jobs along with studies. Unlike Nigeria, it is very expensive and difficult to hire help to get these jobs done. In overseas countries such as UK, USA even domestic servant charge on an hourly basis which may be very difficult to afford. Hence African students may face problems in managing household work with studies. However, with time the students will be able to adopt such a lifestyle and learn to commute between nations, pay bills and manage expenses by themselves.

The experience abroad for an African student could be life altering. One may face problems but for a short-interval of 5 to 6 months, before it becomes part of their daily routine. And same thing is applicable to every individual depending on the country you are coming from.

HAVE FUN-Lastly, studying abroad can be a load of fun! Leaving your country to another country entirely, new faces, new culture, new language, new perspectives, new experiences, and new lifestyle all await you as you make a decision to study abroad.



While studying abroad will undoubtedly be fun and exciting, it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. The work load, coupled with adjusting to living by yourself in a foreign country can be tough. Therefore, it’s important to make an effort to ensure that you still make time for having fun and enjoying the whole experience while you’re there.



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