About Us

Olco Study and Work Abroad is one of the most successful study in Germany consultants. Our expertise spans on consulting, recruiting and guiding prospective students towards appropriate education opportunities at universities offering Tuition Free programs in Germany. We also assist foreigners wishing to partake in the New Skilled Immigration Act that makes it easier for skilled professionals migrate to Germany to work.

Our team of consulting professionals offers a single-source solution for all of your education and work related needs. We have built trust over the years helping a number of students achieve their dreams abroad. We are not only in the industry for business; we also build a relationship with our prospective clients. Whether its admission, course choices, program change or employment search, we have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality consulting on schedule and within budget.

Perfection - Honesty – Positive Relation and Excellent Service Delivery. These have been our incentive to realizing our vision in building a lasting relationship with our clients. Olco has helped numerous students in various countries achieve their dreams of studying and working abroad and their positive testimonies /success stories have impacted hugely on our business.