25 Jan 2020

Benefits of Educational Tour

From my experience, students and teachers participating in a school trip abroad not only have a wonderful time together during the trip, but also benefiting from many other advantages after their return to “normal life”. Although it could be little stressful finding the right destination, putting together all the programs and taking the students through the airport. But the fact still remain that both students and teachers are going to be having a great time and experience new things together. So, yes organizing a tour for your students is totally 100% worth it, not just for them, but also for you. For those moments when you feel like it’s all taking a bit too much of your time and effort, read on for the top 10 reasons to organize a school tour for your school, to get your motivational back up:


An oversea trip is an amazing opportunity for student to practice their language skills, especially the communicative skills of understanding and speaking. These are usually often, also the skills teachers can be challenging to incorporate into their language lessons on a regular bases, and are more often than the skills that students are generally most nervous about for end of school exams. A trip abroad gives them that unique opportunity to get extensive practice.


Teaching your students about the country’s culture is one thing, having them experience it on the other-hand is a different thing entirely. Living the experience not only makes it a lot easier for the students to understand, but also makes it a lot more enjoyable and fun. Having to read in a course book about local customs never really means much to a student until they actually have the opportunity to be part of that culture and live


During a school tour, Students get a chance to meet new people, by practicing the culture even if it’s going to be for just a day. Offering lots of opportunities to practice their social skills. It also create an avenue for them to make new friends: be that with locals (maybe a host family’s child) or with other students on the trip, who, due to whatever reason, they never really got to know until now. Sharing certain experiences provides a strong bond and friendship between with and gives them an opportunity to relive the experience with others again and again in the future.


A school tour can help create a bound between the teachers and the students. Getting to know your students on a more personal level during a trip is a marvelous way to build a good report with them, which you will benefit for a long time afterwards. Kids who have a personal connection with a teacher are a lot more participatory and motivated in class activities. Their behavior improves generally, as they suddenly feel more connected to the teacher and see how them not paying attention directly affects the teacher.


With the increasing globalization happening everywhere, it is vital for students to expand their worldview, to be taken out of their comfort zone and get an opportunity to appreciate other cultures. Without this awareness, students will find it difficult to become world citizens of the 21st century. As teachers we don’t just have a responsibility for teaching our students our subjects alone but also, we have a duty in making students independent and mature citizens of this world. Taking them for a trip abroad offers them a chance to learn about other societies and value other people and customs.


In today’s labor market, employers value not just a students’ grades, but also their wider curriculum, including participation in societies, voluntary work and study trips abroad. There are many opportunities for students to travel and study, and opening the door to these possibilities might be the first step for them to participate in many more school tours to to foreign countries and students in the future, thereby constantly building their CV more and more and setting them apart from other peers. With the increased financial instability and availability of a foreign work force, continuous CV building is an essential requirement for students to be able to fully participate in the economy as young adults.


With a school tour abroad comes a new experience on other dishes, even just ingredients students might have never tasted, seen and even heard of. Trying new foods is important and fun, educational outcome of a tour, as it gives them a richer food experience which hopefully makes them more open to new and different foods in general, even in their “normal” lives.


Taking a group of primary aged students or teenagers abroad doesn’t exactly sound like a holiday, but once you’ve arrived in another country, away from your normal daily routine and with an opportunity to visit beautiful cities and eat lots of foreign dishes, it does sound like it is something that closely resembles a holiday. So even if it is with under aged students that you are responsible for, it is also a time when you can  have fun, be that with the students, your colleagues on the trip or just from being in a foreign country and having a great time.

In all, some excellent reasons to justify the time and effort you spend on preparing and running a trip. During the organizing phase, all the things that have to be organized might at times seem overwhelming, but believe me: it is worth it and the satisfaction from seeing the students’ enjoying and experiencing the benefits they get out of a trip are very rewarding. And don’t forget about your own enjoyment during the tour! Surely also a good reason to get that trip arranged.

To enjoy all the above mentioned, u can start by booking for a school tour for your students to have a great experience with other kids abroad.


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