10 May 2017

Goethe-Institut at the 1st Lagos Biennial

In recent years, Lagos has blossomed in the arts with notable personalities taking on the international art scene in various capacities as artists, curators, art historians etc.
For Lagos, it has now become necessary to open up an artistic dialogue with the rest of the world in the form of large-scale projects and exhibitions of contemporary art. LAGOS BIENNIAL (October 14 to November 22, 2017) is an artist-run event, which will hold once every two years at various locations in the city of Lagos with the primary aim of opening up cultural, artistic and political conversations from Lagos to the rest of the world. In line with the spirit of Lagos, which is all welcoming, LAGOS BIENNIAL embraces the ideology of a unified world with the participation of more than forty international artists.

The Goethe-Institut Nigeria supports the first LAGOS BIENNIAL as a very important event to present the both unique and heterogeneous Nigerian cultural scene in all its facets and its international connections.

The Goethe-Institut has invited two remarkable female artists to participate at the event: The German tattoo artist Olivia Jasinski, and the Egyptian-born artist Lamis Haggag, who was on an artist residency program in Berlin this year.

Dates: October 14 to November 22, 2017 (Nigerian Railway Compound)

The opening party of LAGOS BIENNIAL will take place at the Goethe-Institut Rooftop on Friday, October 13 starting at 06:30 pm.

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