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The master’s degree is the second-level university qualification offered at German universities. Master’s (M.A., M.Sc., Master of Engineering, etc.)

A successfully completed bachelors degree is a prerequisite for gaining admission to a master’s degree.
Courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Law are not offered in Master. The courses are only awarded with Staatsexam in Germany.
If you want to work in Germany as a doctor, lawyer, teacher or pharmacist, you will have to write a state examination. You are allowed to take your First State Examination after completing a study programme in Law, Medicine, Pharmacy or a subject for teaching certification.





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Our Postgraduate Courses

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Advanced Architecture (MSc)

Advanced Architecture - From Urban Design to Building Construction Msc

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Advanced Signal Processing MSc

Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering MSc

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Applied Computer Science (MSc)

The Master of Applied Computer Science programme teaches students advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of computer science and electronics

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Applied Economics and International Economic Policy MSc

AEAEP puts an analytical focus on the world economy and regional integration dynamics

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Applied Mathematics for Network and Data Sciences

The goal of the Master's degree programme in applied mathematics is to persuade young people to participate in these ongoing developments in ...

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health-and-nursing-sciences, medicine

Behaviour: From Neural Mechanisms to Evolution, MSc

It introduces concepts, fundamental experimental techniques, and theoretical approaches that are required to perform research at the frontiers of this ambitious scientific field.

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Biological Resources, MSc

Different forms of interactive learning, including applied research projects, excursions, lab and field work, provide further opportunities ...

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Biomedical Computing MSc

Focusing on biomedical image computing and computer-assisted interventions, BMC introduces students to medical data acquisition and management, medical terminology

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Biomedical Engineering MSc

Graduates are well prepared to develop cutting-edge biomedical devices and conduct independent scientific research and have the skills to continue with .....

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bioengineering, biomedical

Biomedical Systems Engineering – Master’s Study Programme

Graduates with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering with a specialisation in Biomedical ....

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bioengineering, engineering-physics

Bionics/Biomimetics, MSc

The idea of bionics/biomimetics is to understand the principles and systems behind nature's constructions and to transfer them to technical systems...

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Biotechnology MSc.

The three-semester Master's programme in Biotechnology is an intensive, laboratory-based, research-oriented training programme....

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