25 Jan 2020

International Student Ambassador’s Leadership Program

Educational Tour Abroad Initiative – Global Student Leadership Summit
2018 Educational Tour Abroad to Paris & Davos Leadership Summit: The Power of Communication
Students travel to a different location abroad each year, cultivating leadership skills through group
projects and activities with students from around the world at the Global Student Leadership Summit.

Partake in the 2018 Student Leadership Program, traveling to Germany, Swiss and Belgium for summits and visits of the European Union Parliament.


  • Immersive Travel: International tours bring Summit themes to life as students gain knowledge and hands-on experience through specially chosen site visits and activities.
  • Thoughtful Leadership: World-renowned speakers and topic experts lead discussions and hands-on workshops to deepen students’ understanding of the theme and empower them to make lasting change.
  • Innovative Thinking: Using the design-thinking process, small international teams of students develop and propose solutions to a global challenge.
  • Personalized Learning: Our personalized learning experience, engages students before, during, and after tour, with the option to create a final, reflective project for academic credit.
  • Study Insight: Create an insight for students that will want to study in Germany  and  are planning for the future

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