07 Sep 2019



As technology progresses, new careers and businesses are created to meet larger concerns. With more businesses relying on a digital workforce, there has been an increased need for cyber security. There is a multitude of online frauds doing the rounds with an increased number of people being caught out by scammers every day. As that happens, so many businesses in the world are reporting a shortage in cyber security professionals. The demand for jobs in cyber security is growing at a rate much faster than that of other industries. A report released that there are one million unfilled cyber security jobs worldwide.

The field of computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security (IT security) is the protection of computer systems from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. It can also be referred to as all operations and activities that are undertaken to minimize threats and any kind of vulnerabilities, and enforcing required policies for prevention, data assurance, recovery and other cyber security related operations. It encompasses all the mechanisms and processes that protect digital equipment, information and records from illegal or unintended access, manipulation or destruction.

The field is becoming more important due to increased reliance on computer systems, the Internet and wireless network standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and due to the growth of “smart” devices, including smartphones, televisions, and the various devices that constitute the “Internet of things”. Due to its complexity, both in terms of politics and technology, cybersecurity is also one of the major challenges in the contemporary world.

The MSc. in Cyber Security course focuses on a combination of technology, business and policy. It is ideal for students who have an interest in developing an in-depth specialist knowledge and a critical understanding of the key aspects of data management and cyber security.

Cyber Security has been developed to equip responsible cybersecurity specialists with the right knowledge and skills to be able to contribute to make the digital world a safer place. The programme focuses on the study of the design, development and evaluation of secure computer systems, which are also capable of ensuring privacy for future ICT systems. The aim is to provide students with an understanding of the concepts and technologies for achieving confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and privacy protection for information processed across networks. This course has a strong focus on employability, providing students with the fundamentals needed for a successful career in an ever-changing work environment.

This course will also equip students with the skills to manage and analyse an organisation’s data assets and security measures, and provide an understanding of data management principles, practices and technologies. Contemporary issues such as blockchain technologies, crypto currencies, practical (ethical) hacking, and quantum cryptography is now being added to update the course.

Apply for cyber security study program and become one of the most valued professional in the 21st century.

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